(updated March 5, 2020)


Below is some, but not all of what we have accomplished. We call 911 every day several times because it became clear to us that the police donít do anything unless someone complains.  We assume thatís because they donít want to be accused of harassing people, but frankly it means that we have to do their job for them.  We found that simply calling 911 and 311 is not enough (i.e., Homeless Outreach & CDC).  And often, the local management of franchises are also not responsive. So, instead we go to the top and contact the heads of various government departments, local businesses, and franchises in our area.  We have gone on enumerable personal visits, sent emails, and made phone calls to countless CEOs, business owners, and security personnel in the area. And we would like you to do the same!

All that said, many of these problems would be solved if the city would provide shelter and services to these special needs groups, as well as enforce the law under Titles 9 & 10. 


Contact: Lynn and Cliff Landes / / Center City, Philadelphia